Success Stories

Teachers and Tutors Discuss their Most Memorable Students

As we provide the gift of reading, we really have the power to change our students’ lives. Some very special teachers and literacy volunteers have written about their most memorable encounters.

Tutoring Tammy


Annie The Sleeping Beauty: How I Taught Her to Read

by Jean Katzenberg

Creating Positive Attitudes Toward Reading


“Pass the Microphone, Please”

Marianne Morin shows how she uses technology to create an enthusiastic and creative learning environment.

The Checker King

by Jackie Carter Breeden

Pokémon, Tommy, and Me
Success came easily to this young child who worked with words that interested him.

The Teacher

Written decades ago by Elizabeth Silance Ballard, this story continues to inspire.

An Adult Literacy Activity

by Nancy Hansen, Executive Director of the Sioux Fallls Literacy Council

Butterfly Wings

Judy Phillips shows us the most important component of tutoring — lots of love.

Angela and her “Coach”

Eugene’s Story

Cooking with Kay

Marianne Morin shows how she uses her students’ interests and strengths as “keys” to unlock their reading potential.

Adult Learners Share their Own Stories

Story of the Week is presented by the National Adult Literacy Database. Adult learners (and their tutors)
will find these essays inspiring. Several of these stories have audio components, so students can listen as they read along. Some of the most inspiring personal histories include :

Take Literacy to Heart

by Dorothy Silver

Problems of Not Being Able to Read

by Rudolf Pelger

Peter’s Story

by Peter Brown

Read me this book, Sir, please

by Derrick Tizzard

The Benefits of Learning Grammar

by Germaine Kolisnyk


by Frederick Brunette

My Story

by John Putman