Spelling With Legos

It’s important for students to have many opportunities to practice their spelling skills in a multitude of ways. With this activity, students can get creative and figure out how to put the Legos together to make letters and practice their spelling words.

Spelling with LegosWhat You Need:

Several small Legos (if possible, provide different sizes, colors, and shapes)

Build a sample of a word with the Legos

What You Do:

1. Explain to the student that she will be working on spelling words.However, instead of using paper and pencil, she will use Legos to spell.
2. Show her your sample word you built with the Legos. You can take the word apart and rebuild it so that she can see the process. (Just remember how you previously built the word!)
3. Provide the student with various Legos in different sizes, colors, and shapes.
4. At first, you can have her attempt to spell words of choice.
5. After several tries, you can give her specific words to spell.
6. To add on to the activity and make it more challenging, you can have a spelling race with her.  Take turns deciding on what word to spell, and then see who spells it first!
7. You can end the activity or challenge by tallying who was able to spell the most words with the Legos the fastest.

This post is from Shannon Gauger of Education.com 

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