Reading Aloud: Tips for Parents and Teachers

Is Something as Simple as Reading With My Child Worth It?

Consistency in Reading to Your Children.

Reading Aloud Activities For Home

The Importance Of Reading Aloud for All Children

Literacy Begins at Home
A letter for parents.

Don’t Just Read–Be Sure to Talk With Your Students, Too!
Why it’s so important.

When You Don’t Have Time to Read with Your Child
Judy H. Wright in Integrating Books in Modern Family Life

Reading Aloud — Are Students Ever Too Old?
An article from Education World

Why Read Aloud?
Chapter One from Jim Trelease’s The Read-Aloud Handbook

The DO’S and DON’Ts of Read-Aloud
Chapter Four from Jim Trelease’s The Read-Aloud Handbook

Hints for Reading Out Loud
A page from Madame Esme’s Website

Read – Aloud Books from Marci McGowan
Some of the titles listed here are linked to web pages showing how they may be used as part of a teaching unit or lesson. My favorite part of this site is where Marci McGowan pairs up stories with corresponding nonfiction books.

Links to Reading Suggestions for Children

The American Library Association’s Caldecott Medal Home Page

Kid-Approved Books By Theme for at Home and the Classroom

Madame Esmé’s Recommendations for New and Exciting Children’s Literature

Planet Esmé’s Recommendations Archive

Book Hive

Themed Reviews by

PBS Between the Lions’ Recommended Books

The Children’s Literature Resource

Links to Reading Suggestions for Teens and Adults

Picture Books: Enjoyable at Any Age
Adult literacy programs can make use of these high-quality materials.

Books With Multicultural Interest

The Coretta Scott King Award Book List
from the American Library Association