Numbers and Counting

A collection of counting books and beginning numbers.
Numbers and Counting
Counting is made much easier to learn with the help of these books. The stories are fun and the illustrations are brilliant, clear, and helpful.

   The loveable Miss Spider invites the local bugs to her tea party but everyone is afraid to go. When she does something kind the news travels fast and bugs start arrivng in an orderly fashion. A cute and colorful book that rhymes.
   Cleo the cat explores the backyard and counts all kinds of critters. The illustrations are accompanied by a bold number to make it extra clear what the numbers look like. This is a great book for pre-schoolers and it also rhymes.
  Roar! is a funny counting book about a lion cub looking for a playmate. Someone has to be brave enough to play with him!
   Count the animals as they run for shelter into a big cave and again as they run away from two sleeping bears! The Big Storm is a fun and suspenseful book for beginning counters.
   Mouse Count is a fast paced and fun book about three mice running away from a snake who would love to eat them.
   Ten Apples Up On Top is a great beginning reader book. Follow the animals as they try to balance ten apples on their heads and the crazy adventure that ensues!
   Ten Little Rabbits is classically illustrated and includes Native American influences. The rabbits use their blankets to do various activites like sending smoke signals and weaving in the correspoding number.