Family and Friendship

Family and friends help us to grow, learn, and become better people.
Family and Friendship
People go to extrordinary lengths for the ones they love. It’s human nature to build these kinds of relationships and seek the benefits they provide. There is nothing quite like sharing a secret with your best friend or getting a bear hug from Mom and Dad. They are also there for you on a bad day and know just how to cheer you up. This collection of stories illustrates the reasons why family and friendship are so important.

   Alexander And The Wind-Up Mouse is a quiet little story about a real mouse and a wind-up toy. The real mouse is hated by the family while the toy mouse is loved. When Alexander is about to make a wish to be a toy mouse he sees his friend in the garbage and wishes for him to become a real mouse instead.
   The Runaway Bunny is an elegant story about a mother’s love for her little one. No matter what the little bunny might turn into, the mother finds a clever way to bring him back home.
   Guess How Much I Love You is a bedtime favorite. A little bunny tries to describe how much he loves his dad while the dad always increases the challenge.
   Winnie the Pooh has been a classic for decades and contains many memorable accounts of friendship between the citizens of the 100 Acre Wood.
   The Lion and the Mouse make a stunning appearance in this re-telling of Aesop’s fable. A hungry lion spares the life of a timid little mouse. When the lion is caught in a hunter’s net the mouse chews through the ropes to repay the favor.
   Just My Friend & Me tells about the very real situation of getting along with someone when they are a guest. It’s cute, funny, and kids will definitely identify with it.
   A Weekend With Wendell is a funny tale about an obnoxious house guest and how Sophie handles the situation. Sometimes friends (and cousins) can be a little hard to get along with, but it’s not impossible.
   Jessica is the story of a little girl and her imaginary friend. Whenever there’s trouble Jessica takes the blame, much to Ruthie’s parents’ annoyance. The story has a twist ending and is very relatable to young kids.
   Hunter’s Best Friend at School is a story about two best friends copying everything one another does. All is well until one starts causing trouble and the other follows along, but later regrets his decision. Hunter and Stripe show what peer pressure can be like even among friends. The wise words of Hunter’s mother steer the little racoon into a better direction.