Toss a Sound

Jean Feldman, Ph.D.


  • Using initial sounds.

Materials Needed:

  • Poster board.
  • Pictures of objects [on page 229 – not shown here.]
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Bean Bag


  • Divide the poster board into a grid with nine sections. (Vary the number of spaces and letters used with the ability of your students.)
  • Color and cut out the pictures that represent the different letters.
  • Glue one picture in each section of the poster board. Place the poster on the floor.
  • Let children take turns tossing the bean bag onto the board. Each child then identifies the letter he or she hears at the beginning of the object.


  • Ask children to name another word that begins with the same sound.
  • Make two different boards by using the front and the back of the poster.
  • Put a piece of masking tape on the floor for children to stand behind as they toss the bean.
  • Make similar games to reinforce color recognition, shapes, and letters.

HINT! Make a bean bag by filling the toe of an old sock with one-half cup of dried beans. Tie a knot around the beans, then pull the cuff of the sock back over the toe.

Excerpted from Dr. Jean Feldman’s Ready Set Read!

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