Cut-Apart Chart

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Jean Feldman, Ph.D.

Excerpted from Dr. Jean Feldman’s Ready Set Read!


Making connections between spoken word and print.

Materials Needed:


Begin a language experience story with the children about a familiar topic, such as food, Animals, a holiday, field trip, etc.

Write the title of the story at the top of the chart. Guide children in dictating sentences so the vocabulary is fairly repetitive. Have children read over the sentences with you. Write duplicates of each sentence on a sentence strip. Pass out the sentences, then have the children match up their sentence with the matching sentence on the chart.

Next, cut apart each sentence strip between the words. Put the pieces for each sentence in a different zippered plastic bag. Pass out the bags to the children. Have them “shake” up their bags, then put their sentences together and read them.

Ask children to count the number of words in their sentence. What kind of letter does their sentence begin with? What is at the end?


Use a pocket chart for this activity.

Take familiar songs, nursery rhymes, chants, or poems and write them on a language experience chart. Make duplicates of each line for the children to match up, then cut apart to make sentence puzzles.

Excerpted from Dr. Jean Feldman’s Ready Set Read!

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