Working with Struggling Readers: Back to Basics

September, October, November… where does the time go?
We have such limited time with our students. Determining the children’s reading levels and recognizing their specific difficulties are the first keys to helping them.

As a Title 1 Aide, I work with children that are struggling. While working with children in our first grade reading program,  we decided to get back to basics. This week we had the children say the sounds of the alphabet, and then as the week progressed they sang the sounds to the tune of the Alphabet Song. This way we learn which sounds to focus on and how build our lessons plans from there.

Our lesson plans consisted of an Alphabet Animal Coloring Page from Songs For Teaching®. We then used picture cards starting with each letter, saying the word on the picture card, then  breaking it down by phonemic sounds. We reinforced this exercise with a Rhyming Word Match. This allows us to practice oral language skills and improve phonological awareness with our students.

Every day we read a Nursery Rhyme to help reinforce sound patterns, tempo and to build fluency. It’s so cute when the children come back and recite the rhyme from the previous week.
They do remember!