Word Activities from Speech Teach

Word Activities from Speech Teach Did you know that the inability to hear discrete sounds in spoken language can contribute to reading difficulties? The following activities from Speech Teach offer practice in listening for, and manipulating different sounds. This superb site has been developed to provide teaching resources for parents and professionals supporting children with speech and learning difficulties.


We have provided links to but a few of their excellent activities:

Picture and Word Matchup and
Fill in a Word

As students find the appropriate words in these games, they ask themselves

  • What are the beginning sounds that I hear in this word?
  • Does this sound like a short word or a long word?
  • What are the sounds that I hear at the end of this word?

Think of a … This creative game encourages students to make connections between sounds, letters, and meaningful words.

Sound Train
Sound Spinner
Fish Tails
All three of these games provide practice in blending sounds.

Silly Rhymes and Crazy Creatures
A fun way to improve the ability to hear rhymes. The ability to hear rhymes is correlated with future reading success.

Split word cards
These cards offer practice in blending sounds and they familiarize students with word families. (See our pages on word families.)

In addition to the above word study activities, Speech Teach also provides other useful pages:

You’ll find sticker templates that you can print on to Avery J8160 Inkjet address labels and an accompanying sticker chart. You can also find quality clip art.

Parents will appreciate their Ten Commandments For Parents Of Children with Special Needs.