Sharing and Manners

The two most important things about learning to interact with other people.
Sharing and Manners
Respecting people involves consideration of someone’s feelings, treating them how you would like to be treated, and thinking about their needs before your own. This can be as simple as letting a friend play with your favorite toy or asking them how their day is going. As children develop social skills and play with other children they begin to experience empathy. These stories tell about the rewards of sharing and how good manners can go a long way.

   The Rainbow Fish is very proud of his beautiful, shiny scales but when all of his friends desert him he asks the wise old octopus how to find happiness. Kids will love the glittery scales and jewel watercolors. A beautiful book with a great lesson.
   The Delicious Bug is so delicious that when two chameleon friends catch the same bug at the same time, they almost fight to the death for it. When Willy and Wally end up in a sticky situation they decide to work it out while the bug crawls away. It’s a cute and funny story with a clear message.
   Preston, the Not-So-Perfect Pig is an ordinary, messy little piglet but his family is perfect! Can he learn to contain his mess and still be himself?
   Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse is her favorite thing in the world, but when she disrupts the class one too many times her teacher takes it away. Lilly draws a mean picture of her teacher and regrets it when she finds a nice note from him in her purse at the end of the day. Can she make things right again? This was one of my favorite books because Lilly has so much personality.
   Chrysanthemum always thought her name was perfect until she started school and the other kids with shorter names started making fun of her. With the help of her teacher she realizes her name is beautiful just the way it is.
   Mean Jean, The Recess Queen is the bully of the playground until a tiny little girl is unafraid and asks her to play jumprope. This book is a light-hearted and funny look at a not-so-funny problem.
   Poppleton has three chapters which are complete stories. The first tells about how Poppleton is invited to all three meals every day at Cherry Sue’s house and he doesn’t know how to politely decline. The second story is about Poppleton’s reading habit that requires solitude and the third is about his sick friend that won’t take medicine. All deal with manners and hard situations.
   The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle Tells about how a cranky critter gradually becomes more well behaved and gains more friends. This is a great book for younger kids when beginning to talk about manners and making friends.
   What Do You Say, Dear? is full of funny and strange hypothetical situations that are used to teach manners. This charming book has been illustrated by Maurice Sendak who also did Where the Wild Things Are.