The Alphabet Shapes Activity

Rae Pica

Pica offers 200 action songs, chants, and activities that
teach self-awareness, health, seasons, holidays, nature,
animals, the sea, occupations, and transportation,
with other fun themes in Wiggle
Giggle & Shake: 200 Ways to Move and Learn.


Alphabet chart, or blackboard and chalk.

  • Review the letters of the alphabet with the children.
    Point them out on a chartor write them on
    the blackboard.
  • – Point out that some letters are made of straight and zigzagging
    lines, some of curved lines, and some of both.


  • Choose letters that can be easily formed by the body, and ask
    the children to form them.
  • (The children may choose to form either upper- or lowercase
    letters.) Possibilities include the letters:

    I, O, T, C, X, Y, L, Q, S, U, and V


  • You can also ask the children to choose partners and form letters
    in pairs. Possibilities include :

    T, X, Y, J, Q, V, W, Z, A, D, P, R, H, J, K, N, and M
  • A second alternative, if the children are experienced enough,
    is to ask groups of children to create short
    words with their bodies. (For example, S-O, H-I, or L-I-P.)


“Marching Around the Alphabet” by Hap Palmer

  • One of the songs on Volume I on Hap Palmer’s Learning Basic Skills Through Music is “Marching Around the Alphabet.” Play it for the children and then place it in the Music Center.

This activity (excerpt) is taken from:
Giggle & Shake: 200 Ways to Move and Learn
— by Rae Pica
Page 190. ISBN: 0876591829
2001. Gryphon
House, Inc