Nutrition and Healthy Foods

The best nature has to offer does not come in a plastic wrapper.
Nutrition and Healthy Foods
Food is a huge part of our lives. We don’t always think about what we put in our mouths or where it came from. Sometimes it feels like that favorite snack just appeared from a magical tree that grows pre-wrapped treats and they all found their way onto the shelf in the grocery store. It’s important to share with children that what goes into their bodies impacts how they feel and that nutrients are feul. Magical snack trees may not exist, but fruit trees do! And hey, bananas and oranges are kindly packaged by Mother Nature all ready for the lunch box.

   The Monster Health Book is a kid-friendly guide to a healthy lifestyle is packed with facts and colorful illustrations, as well as jokes and funny tidbits. It covers everything from healthy eating choices to why exercise is important.
   Gregory is a terrible eater by goat standards. He likes fruits, vegetables, fish, and eggs, instead of tires and old tin cans. Follow the funny story of how Gregory learns to eat a balanced diet and make his mother happy.
   Marc Brown’s D.W. the Picky Eater is a story every kid can relate to. D.W. makes a scene at a restaurant with her family for not eating her vegetables so she has to stay home with a sitter whenever her family goes out to eat. Finally, she decides to give her most hated food a try and discovers it’s not so bad. I found D.W.’s capers funny when I was at that age and still think it’s a great story.
   The Boy Who Loved Bananas is a great story for younger kids and teaches about the importance of a varied diet when the boy turns into a monkey! It’s a silly story and pre-school to kindergarten aged kids will find it hilarious.
   We Eat Food That’s Fresh is a whimsical story about an inspiring chef who encourages children to try something new. They learn all about food and how to prepare it. The illustrations are colorful and attention grabbing while the text is full of easy rhymes kids will enjoy.
   Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is a classic story about a town where all of the weather is food. Sometimes giant falling pancakes can be downright dangerous! A different and entertaining story, this book will be a great addition to any food lesson.
   The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Junk Food follows the bear family as they realize their eating habits aren’t the healthiest and make some changes. It’s a light-hearted look at a serious subject that all kids will identify with.
   Eating the Alphabet is a vibrantly colorful first look at fruits and vegetables. Ideal for the very young, kids will have fun guessing the fruit or vegetable before it is said aloud by the reader.
   Bread and Jam for Frances is a classic story about how too much of something good can be not so pleasant. The spunky little badger learns about variety in her meals and that less can be more sometimes.
   Jamberry is really fun to read aloud because the rhyme and rythm is very sing-song. Dancing is fully encouraged. The bear and the boy go on a silly adventure collecting berries all over the place while having a grand time doing it.