Halloween Books

Delightfully spooky and charming books to celebrate Halloween.
Halloween has come a long way from the ancient Samhain festival, but the roots still remain. Learn a little bit about Halloween traditions and where costumes, jack-o-lanterns, trick or treating, and scary stories originated. These colorful tales add fun and suspense to any read-a-loud without being too scary. Kind of like that moment of panic when you think you lost your favorite chapstick only to discover it was in your other pocket, and then you find a dollar bill you forgot about. Kids will love listening and you’ll love reading them. Be sure to linger an extra few seconds on the suspenseful pages!

Scary, Scary Halloween Scary, Scary Halloween, Bunting, Eve, ¥ 39.00

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything, Linda Williams, ¥ 32.00

The Witch Has an Itch The Witch Has an Itch, Donna Guthrie, $88.71

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Skeleton Hiccups Skeleton Hiccups, Cuyler, Margery, ¥ 83.00

Room on the Broom Room on the Broom, Donaldson, Julia, ¥ 45.50

the Biggest Pumpkin Ever the Biggest Pumpkin Ever, Steven Kroll, ¥ 79.00

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Where's My Mummy? Where's My Mummy?, Crimi, Carolyn, ¥ 98.00

Fergus and the Night-Demon Fergus and the Night-Demon, Murphy, Jim, ¥ 169.00

What Is Halloween? What Is Halloween?, Michelle Medlock Adams, $1.85

And Then Comes Halloween And Then Comes Halloween, Brenner, Tom, ¥ 72.40

Boo, Bunny! Boo, Bunny!, Galbraith, Kathryn O., ¥ 128.00

Druscilla's Halloween Druscilla's Halloween, Walker, Sally M., ¥ 162.00