Sara Beer’s “Había una vez…”

An informative source for Spanish-Speaking Communities

Welcome to the pages that help bridge the abundant information dealing with Hispanic Literacy and Hispanic educational information.

  • Hispanic Literacy Awards and Links to Recommended Books in Spanish, with resources for Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Publishers and Booksellers of Books For, By, and About Latinos
  • Hispanic Literacy Awareness Links

Había Una Vez is my way of celebrating the joy that I experienced while reading stories to my children. My professional development from Kindergarten Bilingual teacher, Reading Specialist and Dyslexia Therapist, a Master’s Degree in Reading, to working toward a Language Therapist Certification has caused my appreciation for reading and teaching to reach new heights.

I would like to thank Ruth Harris for this far reaching opportunity. Through the use of this website, Spanish speaking communities can help inform themselves of different strategies for improving reading skills and storytelling skills, as the case may be.

I dedicate this site to my children, Erika and Israel, who hopefully will cement a tradition of storytelling within their families. — Sara M. Beer