Man Kind’s Most Adventurous.
It’s human nature to be curious about our environment. From the dawn of the human race there have been explorers yearning to know what else the world has to offer. Even with the threat of sailing right off the edge of the earth Columbus found a crew to accompany him. Explorers are not limited to discovering new continents. They have dived deep under the ocean, hacked through the thickest jungles, braved the Antarctic winters, and flown to the moon. New things are being discovered all the time about the earth and even more is being learned about space. This collection contains books about the most celebrated explorers and their adventures.

   Marco Polo for Kids explains his journey along the Silk Road and all of the cultures he encountered on the route. This book also contains activities and games from the various cultures.
   How We Crossed the West is a simplified version of Lewis and Clark’s diaries with illustrations and speech bubbles. This is a great choice for younger audiences as the text is easy to understand but packed with information.
   Who Was First? Discovering the Americas takes a look at all of the theories regarding who discovered the continents first. A Viking settlement in Newfoundland from 1000AD, a Chinese explorer named Zheng He from the 15th century, and other arguments challenge the typical Columbus story.
   Ferdinand Magellan: Circumnavigating the World is a picture book full of information about the journey and how the crew lived on a ship for so long.
   Samuel De Champlain: From New France to Cape Cod is a fully illustrated picture book detailing Champlain’s voyage to South Africa.
   Vasco Da Gama: Quest for the Spice Trade details Gama’s search for a Spice Trade route for Portugal. This doesn’t surgar coat how tyrannical Gama was and it doesn’t ignore his involvement in the slave trade.
   Hernando Cortes: Spanish Invader of Mexico describes the conquistador’s eventual conquest over the Aztecs and all of the interactions that led to the fall of the empire.
   Ponce De Leon: Exploring Florida And Puerto Rico give a summary of De Leon’s life and his search for the fountain of youth which eventually led to the discovery of Florida in 1513.
   Who Is Neil Armstrong? is a biography about the first man to set foot on the moon. It includes illustrations and starts with Armstrong’s childhood.
   Jacques Cousteau: A Life Under the Sea is a biography of Cousteau and his work to share the ocean with land dwellers.