Language Experience Approach Activity “Mystery Person”

Dr. Jean Feldman

This activity (excerpt) is taken from:
Transition Time: Let’s Do Something Different!


  • Use this language experience activity at circle time or at the end of the day.


  • The connection between written and spoken language is reinforced by this activity, as is children’s self-esteem.


  1. When the children are sitting down, take the marker and write, "Mystery Person" at the top of the chart.
  2. Write and draw clues about a special person in the class.
  3. The children have to play detective to discover who the Mystery Person is.
  4. Ask the children to look at you.
  5. Write the following clue: My eyes are (color).
  6. Use pictures and the appropriate color markers to illustrate the clues. For example, use blue to draw blue eyes, brown to draw brown hair, etc.
  7. Ask the children to "read" the clue.
  8. Point to each word.
  9. Next, write the second clue. My hair is (color).
  10. Again, read the clue together.
  11. Continue writing and reading clues about the Mystery Person’s favorite food, songs, stories, games, pets, family, etc.
  12. Tell the children when they think they know who it is to smile.
  13. At the bottom of the chart write, "Who am I?"
  14. Read over the entire chart, asking the Mystery Person to stand up at the end. (Make the clues fairly obvious and look directly at that person.)
  15. The Mystery Person can draw her picture at the bottom of the page and take it home.


  • Use a class attendance list and mark off each child when she is the Mystery Person so you don’t leave anyone out!

This activity (excerpt) is taken from:
Transition Time: Let’s Do Something Different!
by Jean Feldman, Ph.D.,
Page 244. ISBN: 087659173X
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