Language Experience Approach Charts

Jean Feldman, Ph.D.,

Excerpted from Dr. Jean Feldman’s Ready Set Read!

  • Making connections between spoken word and print.

Materials Needed:

  • Large chart paper (lined)
  • Markers
  • Chart easel


  • Use language experience approach charts to record children’s speech, then read back over what they have dictated.
  • Field Trips: Have children recall experiences from a field trip in sequential order
  • Class Parties: Let each child dictate what he or she liked best about a class party or special event
  • Super Star: Choose one child each week to be the "super star." Write his or her name at the top of the chart, then ask each classmate to dictate what they like best about that person.
  • K-W-L: When starting a new unit or topic of study, ask children what they Know about the topic and what they Want to learn about the topic. As they Learn new information, add it to the chart.
  • Story Recall: Have children recall the events of the story in sequential order as you write them on the chart.
  • Daily News: At the conclusion of each day, have children recall the day as you write their comments.
  • Complete the Sentence: Write part of a sentence at the top of the chart, then write children’s names and how they would complete the sentence. For example:
    • "I am special because ______."
    • "When I grow up I want to be a/an ______."
    • "I like to read _____."
    • "My favorite center at school is _____."
  • Brainstorm: Involve children in brainstorming all the uses of an object (such as a rubber band); ways to solve a problem (e.g., not putting away toys at school); or things you can learn from a book!

HINT! Attach two book rings to a hanger. Language experience charts can be attached to the book rings and hung any place in the room. (Skirt hangers can also be used.)

Excerpted from Dr. Jean Feldman’s Ready Set Read!

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