Songs that Build Reading & Language Skills

Sound files are available from these pages.*
Sounds of Letters, Digraphs, and Blends*

  • Initial letter sounds from A to Z
  • Consonants, Blends and Digraphs
  • Long and Short Vowels

Songs that Build Phonological Awareness*

  • Concepts of Words and Syllables
  • Recognition and Production of Rhymes
  • Word Families — Phonograms — Onsets and Rimes
  • Segmenting, Blending, and Manipulation of Phonemes and Syllables

ESL / EFL / ESOL Songs* Elementary Concepts*

  • Concepts of words, names, opposites, animals, colors, and shapes.

Grammar Songs*

  • Songs that Teach Parts of Speech, Punctuation, and Spelling

Vocabulary and Idioms

Reading Comprehension

Playing With Traditional Literature

Playing With Words

(See also Phonemic Awareness Songs)

Songs that Encourage Children to Read

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