Building Reading Comprehension Skills in Beginning and Fluent Readers

Building Reading Comprehension Skills
in Beginning and Fluent Readers


The Comprehension Problem-Solving Process
Claudia Cornett’s Comprehension First!

Fluency as a Bridge to Comprehension 
Comments from the desk of Dr. Tim Rasinski, Professor of Reading at Kent State University.

Use Non-Fiction Texts to Analyze Direct Quotes
Emily Cayuso’s Flip for Non-Fiction Comprehension

Strategies for Developing Higher Level Thinking
Pam Schiller on how to use the principles of Bloom’s Taxonomy to improve reading comprehension.

Maximizing Reading Comprehension
by Attending to Young Children’s Various Learning Abilities

Randi Albertsen

How Can I Help My Child with Reading Comprehension?
Christine Woodcock, Ph.D. 

Comprehensive Reading Comprehension
Dawn Stevens

A Surprising Way to Reinforce Values, Standards and Leadership (and Build Comprehension): Reading Good Books at Home. 

Learning Through Integration
Creating Content Area Learning Opportunities Using Children’s Literature
Lynn Columba, Cathy Y. Kim and Alden J. Moe

Strong Reading Comprehension Skills = Success in Math 
Bridget A. Hadley 

Differentiating Instruction to Benefit Students’ Comprehension: 
Part I and Part II
Danny Brassell, Ph.D.

What Is Comprehension? 
Cathy Puett Miller, TLA, Inc.


Building Receptive and Expressive Language Ability Oral language and written language skills interact with each other to build fluent, interactive reading. These activites can build children’s vocabulary, increase their communication skills and prepare them to adapt what they know about oral language as they explore written language.

As children combine these chants and songs with actions, they establish firm links between language, its use, and its meaning. 
Finger Puppet Books and Puppets
Puppets offer children wonderful opportunities to explore the meaning of concepts, story plots, and characters, facilitating future reading comprehension.

Readers’ Theater
As students “act out” a story, the depth of their understanding improves.

Reading Fluency Passages
Passages organized by skill level on Reading A-Z

Use Plays to Teach Grammar in a Fun and Effective Way!
Ed Butts

Games and Circle Time Activites That Build Receptive and Expressive Language
Group Words
How Do You Use It?
I Did / What Did You Do?
Stuffed Animal Mystery

Songs for Young Children and Curriculum Songs for Students of All Ages Music provides a most enjoyable way to build language facility. 


Recommended Teachers’ Resources
The latest references in the exciting field of teaching good reading comprehension.